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After 50 years in Colorado and 80 years on the planet I moved to Dubuque, Iowa from Denver, Colorado in June of 2018. It has been wonderful giving over 500 Angels Everywhere programs. Thanks for your support and inspiring stories.

Miracles and coincidences are happening all the time to us. Angels are messengers of the abiding presence and power of God in the world.

The “Angels Everywhere” or “Miracles and Coincidences” hour-long program was created to raise awareness of the many forms and ways in which angels are present to us and touch our lives.

The program includes information about angels, their mission, how often they are mentioned in the Bible and how they are part of world religions. Though different religions are discussed, the Angels Everywhere program is a Spiritual Program and not a religious one. With this program we become acquainted with the spirit world.

A Special Notice
To those of you interested in Angels, there is a wonderful movie out which shows just how angels work in our lives. The movie is called “Miracles from Heaven”. It is a true story and very inspiring. I highly encourage you and your family to see it. The actual family is shown toward the end of the film. At last a film everyone can see!!!
Visit Website for Miracles from Heaven – Click Here
Regards, Sister Georgeann Quinlan,  BVM

During the typical Angels Everywhere program, attendees share little miracles or coincidences that they have experienced. Many stories are shared around car accidents, snowstorms, the protection of children, animals, death of loved ones, dreams, miracles, coincidences, and many other unusual events in people’s lives. The program is not about the theology of angels or scriptures about angels, but about the FELT EXPERIENCE OF ANGELS IN OUR LIVES. There are handouts available about  angels found in the Bible.

Sister Georgeann Quinlan, BVM

Sister Georgeann Quinlan, BVM

More about Sister Georgeann Quinlan, BVM 
Sister Georgeann is a people-oriented organizer with a diverse background in human services. Her warmth and skills have made her successful in networking, public relations, convening groups and community-building. She has both BA and MA degrees plus experience as a teacher, youth director, volunteer coordinator and activity director.

In addition to authoring Angels Everywhere: Stories from Colorado and More Angels Everywhere: Stories from Colorado, Sister Georgeann was Executive Director of L.I.F.E., Inc., co-founder and member of the Northwest Denver Council for Seniors, an organization that provided assistance for low income older adults, and a Coordinator of the well-attended and popular Denver Senior Resource Days annual event.

*BVM stands for Blessed Virgin Mary, which is Sister Georeann Quinlan’s religious order.