2014 Angel Stories

I have designed the Angels Everywhere Program as a result of many people telling me their experiences of “little miracles” in their lives. Below are more of the stories that participants have shared with me. These stories are not part of the two books I have written.

 Angel Stories from 2014

December 2014

Insight from Working in Health Care
“During forty-plus years in health care, there were many occasions when I was told about near death experiences by persons who later recalled me at the head of their bed, making them breathe. Some described it as though they had risen up and were looking down at the team trying to restore their life. On asking, there was always the response that I was an angel, having a place waiting for them in Heaven, or something along that idea. Many mentioned a tunnel or tube with an overly bright light. I heard the stories of people who thought they had crossed over through the end of the tube, meeting relatives on the other side who were pleased to see them and invited them in. Through the years, I heard these stories from people in many different states who had no knowledge of each other.”
– Angel Program at Lone Tree Recreation Center

Angel of the Cave
“Our son Daniel, his two cousins John and Mike, and two friends Jim and Mike, went to Eagle County, Colorado to do some cave exploration. They were all having a lot of fun enjoying themselves.  While in the cave, they came upon an area that was steep with loose dirt and gravel. The trail was quite narrow with a 50 foot drop in the middle and only a foot path on both sides, on which you had to step one foot at a time. Daniel slipped and fell backwards into the 50 foot drop, when suddenly he felt two hands on his back, pushing him forward. John was slightly above, but he wasn’t able to reach Daniel when he fell. It was only after those two hands pushed him forward, that John was able to grab a hold of him. All of them were quite shaken. Later, Daniel went to thank his friend Mike for pushing him, but he found out that Mike was already out of the cave before this happened. They all discovered that there was no one behind Daniel! We all thank his guardian angel.”
– Angel Program at Knights of Columbus Hall

 November 2014

Angel of Prophecy
“My mother was dealing with her husband and mother who were both ill. Her husband died the day before Christmas. On Christmas day, she came to me and said “Don’t tell anyone, but an angel came to me and said that both will be gone by the day after Christmas. My mother’s mother did, in fact, die the next day.”
– Angel Program at Vista Village

The Truck That Wasn’t There
“My younger brother had been in a minor accident. As he was waiting for my niece and brother-in-law to come for him, an old beat-up truck pulled up. The man driving the truck asked my brother if he would like to sit inside to wait for his family. It was warm and immaculately clean inside. When his niece and brother-in-law finally pulled up, my brother got out and waved goodbye. They asked him who he was waving at, and he said, ‘that truck I was sitting in while I was waiting for you to arrive.’ They replied that there wasn’t a truck over there.”
– Angel Program at Visiting Angels

October 2014

The Angel of the Sea
“During spring break, my family went on vacation to Mexico. While we were there, another family was nearby on the beach. The dad took his two children for a walk on the beach. As they continued their walk, a rogue wave suddenly came up, sweeping all three of them out to sea. The dad was rescued hours later about a mile out. Tragically, his son’s body was swept back to the beach days later and his daughter’s body was never found. A man who lived on this beach took a photograph near the area where this devastating incident took place. In that photograph an angel could be seen hovering over the site on the beach. The picture is now hanging in the corridor of Assumption Catholic School in Bellingham, Washington.”
– Angel Program at Saint Mary’s, Littleton, Colorado

An Angel Co-Pilot
“In November of 1992, I was driving around Italy on a road going through the Alps. I didn’t realize there were only three lanes of road. I didn’t move over like I should have and suddenly I was face- to-face with a huge semi coming toward me. I realized I was in the wrong lane. On my right, in the lane I needed to get in, were two semis with no space between them. There was nowhere I could go. I said ‘God help me!’ Then, all of a sudden, I found myself between the two semis on the right.”
– Angel Program at St. Mary’s, Littleton, Colorado

September 2014

A Daughter’s Rainbow
“My friend, Liz, had a daughter named Bethany who passed away. She was devastated about her death as the tragedy happened very unexpectedly. A few months later she was on an airplane, flying to Tucson, Arizona. As she was reading the book, Hello from Heaven, thinking about her daughter, she looked out the window. There she saw a perfect circular rainbow.”
– Angel Program at Edgewater Coffee Shop, Edgewater, Colorado

Dogs Have Angels Too
“After the euthanasia of our beloved 14 year-old deaf Dalmatian, we wanted to get a smaller dog, preferably a shelter dog, ideally a schnauzer-poodle mix (Schnoodle). We went to the Dumb Friend’s League first, but they only had large dogs. We went to the Humane Society Shelter, and again, all large dogs. Then I spotted this weak, sick, small black form, housed with another larger dog. The card on the pen said Schnoodle. She wasn’t eating and she had ear mites and worms. We adopted her, taking her home with us that same day. She started to eat the bits of chicken we gave her, eventually recovering. She has the best temperament of any dog we’ve ever had! Not only did our angel guide us to her, she became our healthy, happy little angel dog.”
– Angel Program at Easy Breathers, St. Anthony Rehabilitation, Denver, Colorado

August 2014

Brother Hawk
“Fifty-five years ago, one of my younger brothers passed away from crib death. He was just three months old. A couple of months ago, I was thinking about him, and his birthday was coming up. I was walking to the bus stop when I happened to look up, and I saw the most beautiful hawk I have ever seen. He was breath-taking, about five feet above me. He circled around a couple of times, and dipped his wings, as if to say, “Hi.” He perched himself on a light pole next to me. I said, ‘Hi brother, it’s been a long time. I love you, and I’ll tell Mom you said hi.’ He looked down at me, nodded his head a couple of times, and flew off. That was the first and last time I have seen that hawk.”
– Angel Program at The Guardian Angels Church, Denver, Colorado

A Father’s Presence
“Our father died when my youngest sister was only two and a half years old. We lived in a tenement in New York City.  Every night my little sister would go to a particular window, look to the sky, and talk quietly. Shortly after ‘Poppy’s’ death, the family went to spend some time with cousins in New Jersey. While we were there my sister went from window to window, hysterical because she couldn’t see her Poppy, so we had to go back home!”
– Angel Program in Colorado

July 2014

Near Death Experience
“When I was almost 14 years old, I had an appendectomy at the local hospital.  About the third day post-op I awoke in the night to see a smoky, fog-like figure at the foot of the bed of the elderly fellow sharing my room. This figure seemed to be made of nothing but fog or smoke and had the form of a human, but much taller. Though no details could be seen, it seemed to be very beautiful!  Its beauty was more of a feeling than an observation. But I did observe that it was tall and very slender. That image remains even today, as if it was recent.”
– Angel Program at Lone Tree Recreation, Lone Tree, Colorado

Angel Grandparents
“I have been through a lot in my life. I was in and out of foster homes and group homes. I have been in the system most of my life, but now I’ve been out of it for six years thanks to my ‘angels.’ The judge said I would never be able to go to a normal school or be around other kids. Now I am doing just what he said I could never do. My mother had been declared unfit. When my grandparents found out about that, they came to find me. They managed to get legal custody of me. I don’t know where I would be now if it wasn’t for my grandparents. They are my ‘angels’ and I love them with all my heart!”
– Angel Program at Guardian Angel Church, Denver, Colorado

June 2014

Mother’s Story
“My mother told me this story growing up. When I was an infant, our neighbor’s chimney was struck by lightning. A brick came through my bedroom window, landing at the foot of my crib. It just missed me as I slept.”
– Angel Program at Longmont Senior Center, Longmont, Colorado

Message of Life
“Years ago, I was at home with my 8 month old daughter when a tornado headed towards our house.  I wrapped my daughter in a blanket as I ran out the back door towards our car.  Knowing I didn’t have time to get anywhere safe I ran to the nearest ditch, and covered my daughter with my body. While lying there, I heard ‘You’re not safe!’ I looked around and saw that a trash can had blown into the ditch. I crawled into that trash can with my daughter. When the tornado was finally over, I crawled out. I looked back to where I had been before and saw an iron trellis lying on the ground that could have killed us. Those words and the trash can saved our lives.”
– Angel Program at Lone Tree Recreation Center, Lone Tree, Colorado

May 2014

God’s Soldiers
“While driving one day, I saw an awful accident and I called the police. There were at least three cars involved. No one came and when I called them back, they put me on hold! At that moment, I saw soldiers pouring in from everywhere to administer help.”
– Angel Program at Holy Apostle, Denver, Colorado

Life Support
“My daughter-in-law, Tammy, was in a horrible car accident when she was 19. She was in a coma for a month and had three strokes. She has multiple scars, walks with a limp, and speaks somewhat haltingly due to the strokes. At the end of that month in a coma, her parents decided to end her life support, but, miraculously, she awoke and recovered almost immediately! Fifteen years ago she married my son, who is legally blind. She now has two part time jobs and has driven across the country many times. She is kind to everyone she meets.”
– Angel Program at St. Thomas More, Denver, Colorado

April 2014

Too Much Pain
“In the fall of 1992 I was driving west to the mountains with the intention of going over an edge to kill myself. My youngest son, Mark, died at age 30 from AIDS, and the pain in my heart was a constant companion. While I was stopped, a car pulled up behind me. A beautiful woman, with a glowing aura, looked at me and shook her head ‘no.’ I knew it had to be an angel who saved my life. When I looked in the rear view mirror a moment later, there was not a car in sight!”
– Story from Friend of the Angel Program, Colorado

Flight of Faith
“A pastor told a story at the 2013 Vineyard National Conference in Anaheim Hills. He told of a woman who gave birth to a baby born without an esophagus, preventing him from being able to swallow. While flying to another hospital better equipped to save the baby’s life, the people on the plane started to pray. When they landed, the baby was taken to x-ray, revealing that an esophagus had grown during the flight as the family prayed!”
– Story from Angel Program at Alzheimer’s Office, Denver, Colorado

March 2014

Angel on the Stairs
“My son Rick was in an accident. He had a body cast as well as another cast on one arm. He got out of bed to go to the bathroom and he turned the wrong way that was towards the stairway. His guardian angel stood in front of him preventing him from falling down three flights of stairs.”
– Story from Angel program in Wheat Ridge, Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Surgical Assistance
“I had open heart surgery and now have a new heart valve. My friend told me that at the time of my surgery she saw me on the operating table and the room was filled with angels and spirits. She said I had a powerhouse of support!”
– Story from Friend of the Angel Program, Colorado

February 2014

Road Assistance
“Three relatives in their 90’s were in my car, and it was 99 degrees out. We were going to visit a cousin on 14th Avenue. When I got to the ‘Turn Only’ lane my car stalled. I was in a panic. I didn’t know what to do! Then two men carrying one gallon gas cans walked up behind my car. They asked if I needed help and started to put gas in my car. When I offered to pay them they said ‘no’ as they walked away. I called after them and asked their names and one replied “He’s Raphael and I’m Gabriel.”
– Story from an Angel Program at Gardens of St. Elizabeth, Denver, Colorado

Healing Hands
“My grandson tried to commit suicide about 2 years ago. My daughter called me and told me what happened. She said he would be in a coma for weeks, if he woke up at all. That night I prayed for God to ‘place His hands on his’ and that same night my grandson woke up.”
– Story from an Angel Program at Vista Village, Denver, Colorado

January 2014

Casino Angel
“I was gambling in Black Hawk, only betting 25 cents at a time. A man who I thought worked at the casino walked by me and told me that I wouldn’t win if I didn’t play the maximum bet. So I decided to do just that, betting in a dollar. The next spin was a $1000.00 win!  I went looking for the man to give him a tip, but none of the other employees knew who he was. I think he was my Angel.”
– Story from an Angel Program at Residence at Franklin Park, Denver, Colorado

Helping Hands
“My son was hit by two cars on Federal Blvd. The first car sent him airborne. Before he hit the ground the second car hit him, sending him airborne again. Before he landed on the ground witnesses told me they saw two hands guiding him and placing him on the ground. Miraculously he suffered no broken bones, bruises, or cuts anywhere on his body! It was his angel!”
– Story from an Angel Program at Highland Recreation Center, Denver, Colorado