A Very Special Angel Story

This is a very special recent angel story shared at an Angels Everywhere Program.


“I love you.”

The “I Love You” Message”
My husband fought stage IV lung cancer for 13 months. During this time one night when I was in our back yard with my dog, I was dealing with the anticipatory grief that accompanies this diagnosis, knowing how lost I would be if he lost the battle. I experienced vapor like images arising from some rocks in my garden and slowly approaching me, as if to say I was not alone. It was very real and very comforting.

At the end of his illness he was admitted to the hospital and then sent home for hospice. He declined very quickly and transitioned in two days. During this time he was not able to communicate but on the last day after the hospice worker and I comforted him after his breathing mask malfunctioned, he sat bolt upright and almost yelled, “I love you.” There were witnesses in the room and it was so wonderful for me since he had not been able to communicate since he came home.

Later that night, about two hours before we lost him, another friend was talking to him telling him I was going to be ok, he pinched her hand really tight. She came to see me two days later to show me that the bruise he caused had turned into a perfect heart.
– Participant Heartlight Center