2017 Angel Stories

Here are angel stories from my 2017 Angels Everywhere Programs.  Angels are messengers of the abiding presence and power of God in the world.

Below are some of the stories that participants have shared since the second book was published.

Angel Stories from 2017

December  2017

An Angel With My Exact Bolt
One evening I was driving on a rural road in Colorado with my 2 young children. Along a long dirt road, I noticed our truck was not driving correctly and something was wrong on the front wheel. I stopped to look it over. After removing the tire, I quickly observed that a bolt was missing from the brake caliper. Obviously, I couldn’t continue to drive the vehicle and risk a catastrophic failure. I began trying to find a solution. We were literally in the middle of nowhere without anything around for many miles. There was also no cell phone service this far out. Walking was not an option with the two young ones. Waiting for someone to happen by on this isolated road was also not an option as it would be hours if not days before anyone happened by. I could see up the dirt road behind and in front of me for literally miles in each direction. I knelt back down to figure something out. Within seconds a young man in a white truck came to a stop behind our vehicle. I couldn’t understand as I had just looked up that direction. As I have said, I could see a good 5 miles minimum all around and there had not been any dust or sign of anything just seconds before. The young man stepped up and asked what was wrong. I explained about the missing bolt. The young man said “Hold on a second” and walked back to his truck, reached in through his window into his glovebox and pulled out the exact bolt I needed. He turned and said “you need this”! I was stunned and amazed! Why would he have this? His vehicle was not even the same make let alone model. Not only did this young man appear out of virtually nowhere but he had the exact make and model of bolt to fit this exact piece of equipment. He handed me the bolt and I bent down to fit it. I turned the bolt twice twice with my hand to make sure it would work and then turned to tell him … but he was no longer standing beside me. I stood quickly thinking he had returned to his vehicle. He was gone and his truck was gone too. I never heard the vehicle start, there was no vehicle in sight in either direction, and there was NO dust floating in the air as would happen if someone had driven off at that speed. I went to the kids and finding them safe, I suddenly realized God had just sent us an Angel with exactly what was needed.
– Participant at Denver Serra Club Angel Program

November 2017

It Just Was Not My Time
In my 20’s, I had really wanted to have a second child but I had 6 miscarriages and then developed two major bacterial infections and was in ICU. I was so sick that I had to have help to even turn over in the bed. I felt like someone was pounding on my chest when I went through this tunnel of warm light. I saw my grandmother and my angel. I immediately recognized my grandmother and was so happy to see her. She told me it was not my time but I was having a conflict between staying or coming back. I was picturing my daughter, Joy, who was 9 years old at the time. How would she cope with my death? My angel said, that I would have a child, so go back. I came back, opened up my eyes and saw my doctors and nurses all around me. I told them, “I just coded didn’t I”? They did not answer, so I related the experiences that I just had, but I could tell they thought I was crazy.
– Participant at Angel Program

Interesting Passing
At the moment that my husband passed away from cancer, my sister-in-law called on the phone. My Mom asked why I had answered the phone at such a time. It was my Sis who said that my husband, “Gibbs smacked her” (love pat on the head) on his way out. Also a friend who was vacationing in Florida said a manatee showed up and swam with her for two hours at the same time of his death.
– Participant at Franklin Park Angel Program

October 2017

Mary was My Mom’s Escort to Heaven
My mother died of breast cancer at the age of 54. She had a deep devotion to Mary and said the rosary everyday. I was not present when she died but my sister was there. She told me that at the moment of her death, my mother looked up and said “Mary”, the implication being that Mary had come to escort her to heaven.
– Participant at Gardens at St Elizabeth

The Miracle Baby
I was born prematurely and had a very low birth weight. Instead of being born in November like I was supposed to, I came in early September. My birth was a difficult one so two doctors were called in, my mother’s doctor and his colleague. After I was delivered, I was not breathing so my mom’s doctor starting breathing into my mouth and continued for a long time in order to save me. The other doctor said to give up, “She will not make it” but Dr. Weise, my mom’s doctor, would not give up. Thanks to him, I am alive and well today due to his caring and persistence. I am known as a miracle baby and have always felt that angels do exist. Thank God.
– Participant at St Mary’s Church

“Smackwater Jack” and the Buck
A Boulder transient who loved the Foothills and the wildlife, particularly bears, mountain lions, and deer. When he died, they held his funeral in the bandshell where he had lived. During the service, a 6 point buck ran clear across the stage and then disappeared. A clear symbol!
– Participant at Most Precious Blood Church

September 2017

Keeping the Faith After Surgery
When I was 10 years old, I was playing “Tarzan” at the University of Missouri field house that was in my neighborhood. I fell on my arm and broke it badly but was able to walk 2 blocks home to get help. My mother rushed me to the Emergency Room and the doctors prepared me for surgery. While on the operating table, the doctors said that I clinically died at one point after they gave me ether. I saw an image of a cloud and heard a voice that said, “I’m not ready for you!” The doctors worked to put the four pieces of my arm back together and then finally stitched me up. I then woke up. I recovered in the hospital for five days. Then I went home with my arm in a cast and wearing a sling. The doctor coincidently, was the brother of the preacher at my church. My doctor told me that I may lose the use of my arm, but my preacher told me that “if I have faith, my arm will recover”. I remembered the voice that I heard during my surgery, and my faith helped me as I recovered from my accident and I did regain the use of my arm. I still have the scar and am able to use my arm seventy years later.
– Participant at Harvard Square

Dragonflies are Omens
While one of our residents was passing away, we had dragonflies all around the house and even above it. There must have been 50 -100 of them everyday. When she finally passed away all of the dragonflies went away.
– Participant at Almost Like Home

August 2017

Angels at Columbine School Shooting
This story was told by a minister, as well as Principal Mr. DeAngelis and some of the kids that were there during the Columbine School Shooting. These people all felt very strongly the presence of angels pushing them out of the way.
– Participant at St Mary’s Program

Amazing Bathroom Prayer
I was in the hospital because of an irregular heart beat. I was supposed to have surgery on Wednesday morning but on Tuesday evening I went into the bathroom to pray. As I was walking out of the bathroom, all at once, my heart jumped into a regular heart beat.
I was able to go home Wednesday morning instead of having to have surgery.
– Participant from Caregivers Association Event

July 2017

Angels Appear at Car Accident
My daughter was 23 years old and riding with a fellow worker from Loveland Ski Area to Georgetown when the little car they were in ran into a snow plow. The driver was removed from the car and taken by Flight For Life. The State Patrol then said to take the wrecked car away but just then, 2 guys appeared and looked into the car and said there was someone else in the car. It was my daughter they saw, all hunched up. She was pulled out of the car and also taken by Flight for Life. We tried to locate the men later but could not find them.
– Participant from St Jude Program

Surrounded by Angels
After my husband and my son were in a near fatal accident, I was in total despair because everything I had suggested to my husband was met with a sharp “NO”. Both of them were home from the hospital recovering but we had no income because I had to be at home with them. I had prayed and prayed but was so depressed that I made plans to kill myself. Almost immediately, I was surrounded by angels, over and all around me. I was also told that everything would be alright. The love I felt was incredible.
– Participant at Villa Manor

June 2017

Angels with All of Us
This Dad was backing out of his driveway and didn’t see his little baby girl when he backed over her. The little girl was just bent under the car. Two of us men just picked the car up and removed the little girl out from under the car. She did not have one scratch on her. Afterwards, we could not pick the car back up as hard as we tried.
– Participant at Highlands West

Angels at My Accident
I always drive with my doors locked except for the drivers side on this particular day. I hit a car turning left and was knocked out. When I came to, there were two ladies sitting in my car. When they found out that I was alright, they disappeared. I have always believed in angels and know they were with me on this day.
– Participant at Highlands West

May 2017

Angels on the Altar
Each year around October, Mt Olivet Cemetery has a Children’s Day Mass for anyone that has lost a baby or a child. This is a very moving and special Mass at the Archdiocese Mortuary Chapel which is located by a beautiful lake. When the Mass is over, all attending are given a small angel pin in memory of their loved one. Then they are given a balloon with very colorful streamers and attached to one of the streamers is a piece of paper so they can write a special note to their loved one. These balloons are then all let go along with about a dozen white doves. It is a beautiful and peaceful sight watching all these balloons and birds fly off over the lake higher and higher till they are no longer visible. This year was particularly special because during the Mass, a little girl whispered to her grandmother “where did they get all those beautiful angels on the altar”. The grandmother was astonished and then later shared what the little girl saw.
– An Employee of Mt Olivet’s Cemetery

She Belongs to Us
After living a long time under the stress of having macular degeneration and having to give up my job, I woke up one night with a dark figure choking me. I could not breathe. I looked over at my window and saw a bright light and then heard a voice say “leave her alone. She belongs to us”. The figure then released me and disappeared.
– Participant at Highlands West Tower

My Mother is my Angel
For no particular reason I felt I needed to stop before this intersection. Other cars passed me and kept going by. Suddenly right in front of me was a four car accident. I am sure my mother is my angel looking after me.
– Participant at Harvard Square

April 2017

My Lost Brother Is Forever With US
I was born a twin and we are both now 63 years old. Before our births, our parents lost an infant that only lived 4 days. My twin brother and I knew our parents felt blessed to have twins. They talked about Tomas Lee a lot so we felt he was with us in so many things we did as children. For only living 4 days, we also think what it would have been like to have an older brother. My twin, Ken and I also think of Tomas Lee and how just knowing about him made us strong and gave us a feeling that he was with us and will be forever. His death was life for us.
– Participant at Sunny Acres

Flat Tire Miraculously Fixed
On my way home from shopping, I had a flat tire on an older big car and I couldn’t get the lug nuts loose. I was so upset that I stood in the middle of the highway (it was closed to construction) and hollered to God, “I can’t do this by myself”. A voice told me to go try again. When I did, the lug nuts came right off. I then changed the tire entirely by myself.
– Attendee at an Angels Everywhere Program

A Husband’s Love
After my husband died, he came to my granddaughter and told her to tell Gramma Billie
(me) that I love her very much.
– Participant at Claire of Assisi

March 2017

Great Grandmother Visit
My Mom passed away when my granddaughter was 3 years old. My son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter were staying at my house. The next morning at breakfast, my granddaughter casually mentioned that during the night when she could not wake up her mother, her great grandmother came and took her by the hand to the bathroom and then put her back to bed. It made me feel good that my mom came to see her and made my granddaughter so happy.
– Participant at Claire of Assisi

We Were Protected
My then husband drove me and my three small children for a drive. He stopped the car near a drop-off of about 50ft. This was an undeveloped park being built near an old sand pit that was filled with water. He persuaded us to step out of the car and look over the edge. My 3yr & 4yr old children scrambled out but I had a baby in my arms. I was feeling very apprehensive as my husband and I were having problems. A clear voice came to me and I heard “Don’t get close to him, he is going to push you over”. My husband then had a nervous breakdown and the Air Force sent him for evaluation. He was diagnosed schizophrenic paranoid, possibly permanent and dangerous. I was able to obtain a divorce and given complete custody of our children. I am sure God was with us protecting my sons and myself as there were several very frightening times with my husband. God has been with us and seen us through some hard times. God has blessed us.
– Participant at Villas at Sunny Acres

February 2017

My Friend Walked to Heaven
My friend, Nagi passed away while living here. After he died, I had a vision of Nagi and a spirit, that was with him, walking upward. I believe Nagi was being taking to heaven.
– Angel Program at Claire of Assisi

I Saw My Son Before He Was Born
One night when I was about 24 years old, I had a vision of a child with a Buster Brown haircut, all dressed in white, standing with his hands out, like he wanted to be picked up. Later on when I was 27, I got pregnant and had a boy. When he was 5 years old, we were visiting friends overnight. My son had taken a bath but he had forgotten his PJs so my friend loaned him a white tee shirt. As he came to me, he put his hands out just like the child in my vision did. It was then that I realized this was the child I had seen before my son was born.
– Angel Program at Claire of Assisi

A Knock At The Door
There was a knock on my door and when I opened it, my dead son stood there. I said, “it’s about time you came home”. He answered saying “I thought I’d come to let you know that I’m in heaven and I’m ok” and then he disappeared.
– Angel Program at Sunny Acres

January 2017

Dad was Still Looking After Me
After my Dad passed I felt his spirit was still looking after me. My favorite kitty became ill, so I took her to the CSU Veterinary Clinic for treatment. She had cancer and I spent about $4000 on her treatments not knowing how I was going to pay for it all. Shortly after she passed, I had a telephone call from an insurance company saying that my Dad had a life insurance policy that I was unaware of and that it was mine plus with accrued interest. The amount was almost the same as the Veterinary bill.
– Participant at Lafayette Senior Center

A Voice Said “Put Your Seatbelt On”
My daughter was a passenger in a car and not wearing her seatbelt. All of a sudden, she heard a voice telling her to put her seatbelt on. Minutes later, a car ran a red light, hitting their car. She would have been thrown through the windshield if not for the seatbelt. It probably saved her life.
– Participant at Lafayette Senior Center