2016 Angel Stories

Here are angel stories from my 2016 and 2015 Angels Everywhere Programs.  Miracles and coincidences are happening all the time to us. Angels are messengers of the abiding presence and power of God in the world.

Angel Stories from 2016

December 2016

A Husband’s Spirit is Present
I have a friend whose husband had passed away. She was struggling with letting him go, so I decided to take her to a medium. While with the medium, I truly believe her husband’s spirit was present. He told stories of the past through the medium and he knew that I was not part of his past, but nevertheless, I am 100% certain that he was there. He told her what she needed to know and it was something that stayed with her. It was very loving and funny because I know he was truly there.
– Resident at Residences at Franklin Park

Relatives Come to take Mama
In April of 2013, my sister told me before Mama passed that she saw the sun shinning across the hall but not on Mama’s bed. Then later, right before my mother passed, the sunshine came back in the doorway and my mother and my sister turned toward the doorway and saw my grandmother and her two daughters who had already passed. It was at that moment that Mama’s heart stopped beating.
– Resident at Residences at Franklin Park

November 2016

Heart Shaped Rocks
In Sept of 2011, my first born son died tragically. He was 50 and there are no words to describe the pain his leaving has given me. Some days are nearly unbearable. Then I began to spot heart shaped rocks everywhere. They would be as I worked in my garden, on my daily walks, at the park, grocery store parking lot, and while walking down the alley by my house. I have always liked interesting rocks, collected some, even though I’ve never studied rocks at all. These heart rocks are every shape, color and size. They are always very obvious and not something I hunt for. It’s a wonderful gift, all these heart rocks, that I feel sure are from my beloved son. Most days, I have a heart rock in my pocket.
PS – this is only one of hundreds of signs he has sent. My son would like the fact that I shared one with you.
– Participant at Angels Everywhere Program

October 2016

Angels on Vail Pass
I was a young mother of 4, living in Denver when I experienced a frightening near death experience. On a beautiful day in the Spring of 1953, my sister called and invited me to a dinner party at her home in Gilman, Co. After picking up my kids from school, I left my youngest child with a friend and then the three older children and I started on our trip up Loveland Pass. (Note – in those days, I-70 and the tunnel had not been built and Vail pass was a two lane road with steep drops to the river)

By the time we reached Frisco, it was raining hard, but as we continued on, to Vail Pass the rain had reached blizzard, white-out conditions. I drove slowly and carefully knowing that to avoid skidding on snowy, icy roads, I should not use my brakes. Trying to allay all our fears, I told my children not to be afraid because we would soon be at my sister’s house. It was snowing really hard and I could barely see the road when I came around a corner and saw a car in the ditch and a woman standing in the middle of the road waving her arms.

In order not to hit her, I had to apply the brakes which caused my car to slide toward the edge of the road and straight down a 35ft embankment. Thankfully the front wheels caught on a rock ledge and our car was stopped. After checking that my children were ok, I told them I was going for help. In my high heels, I ran up the steep bank of rocks to the road in mere minutes.

Three big cattlemen were in the car behind me and had stopped after seeing me go over the edge. They told me to get into their car to stay warm while they went down to get my children. It took them a long time and when they came back up with my children they said they could not figure out how I had gotten up that rocky bank so quickly.

They gave us a ride to Minturn to arrange for a wrecker and to call my family. When my brother went back to get my car with the wrecker, he could not believe the sight. During World War II, he had been shot down in a B-25 and survived the plane crashing, but he said the accident sight shook him up just as badly. He could not believe we all made it out of that accident alive. I believe that surely our guardian angels were with us that day on Vail Pass.
– Particpant at Gardens at Columbine

September 2016

Mom’s Kisses
My Mom had always held our faces in her hands and kissed all of us kids when we were growing up. Mom passed away in 1988 but when my husband passed away 2 years ago in 2014, she came to me, held my face and kissed me once again.
– Participant at Heather Gardens

An Underwater Angel
One day, my college friends and I were diving off a waterfall. I dove off but got caught in an undertow. While I was underwater, an angel came and pushed me out and away from the undertow but somehow I still had oxygen. Then I heard a voice say: “Open your eyes and follow the light”. Thankfully, I then came to the surface. I am alive today because of that underwater angel.
– Participant at Mile High Church

August 2016

Twin Shared Angels
I had a twin named John but he died 3 days after our birth. During a healing of memories prayer, I went to heaven to find my twin. He was sitting in God, the Father’s lap listening to Him read a book. We took turns going down a slide with our angels and playing on a trampoline. I know he is with me and we share our angels.
– Participant at Heather Gardens

Warning Angel
I was downtown, standing at a traffic light, and as I started to cross the street, the warning hand symbol on the light began to flash. I heard a voice tell me to “go back, get on the curb and wait”. I thought, huh, but it repeated, “go back, get on the curb and wait”. So I went back to the curb and waited while thinking I could have made that light. But just as I thought that, a car ran the red light and wiped out two cars where I would have been.
– Participant at Library at 28th East High

July 2016

My Special Dog Eli
My dog Eli comes to work with me at the church where I work everyday. He knows exactly which people need his special attention and love. He goes directly to them and shares his great love with them.
– Participant Augustana Lutheran Church

Angel Protecting Me and My Baby
I was pregnant with my oldest child. I had several miscarriages prior to this so I was considered a high risk pregnancy. My Dr was not sure if I would ever carry a baby full term. When I was about 7 weeks pregnant, I was driving on day when I felt dizzy and passed out behind the wheel. I ran a red light and hit another car. It was a horrible accident and my car was totaled. However, I did not have a scratch on me. I was taken to my Dr to check on the baby and he said the baby was fine as well and that was the day we heard her heart beat for the first time.
– Participant Mothers of Pre-Schoolers

June 2016

God Visited My Father
This story begins in the winter of 1999 as my father lay in a hospital room knowing that death was soon to come. Maybe because he was thinking about his life, what he had done or what he felt he still needed to do, I’m not sure, but on one of my many visits, he asked me to have someone from pastoral care come and visit him. I told him I surely would. I then left to call one of the Deacons that I knew. Finding the Deacon in ICU, I asked him when he had time if he would please stop in and say a prayer with my father. He replied that he would be happy to. That evening when I had finished work, I went to spend some time with my dad, to check on him and see how his day had been. Before I went into my father’s room, one of the nurses made a comment about my father’s visitor that had come by wearing a beautiful robe. This was a Catholic hospital, so I assumed that the Deacon had just come from performing Mass and merely came in his ceremonial robe. (I thought this was very cool!) When I came into dad’s room, he was so excited and started telling me about the preacher (we’re Baptist) that came to pray with him. He said how nice he was, soft spoken, very comforting, and that he stayed a long time and talked. At the end of our visit he told me to be sure and thank him and I said I would. The next day as I was going about my duties, I ran into the Deacon so I began to thank him for his visit with my father but he informed me how sorry he was for not being able to make the visit. I stood there for a while and then thought – what a great impression God had made on my father.
– Participant – Community Resource Forum

Guardian Angel in a Western Straw Hat
It was a rainy Saturday morning in St Louis County, Missouri on November 19, 1977. I was 16 and driving to my part time job at Dieckman Brothers farm. As I entered the curve at about 45 mph, the tires lost traction on the rain-slicked road and although the road curved, the car did not. It slammed head on into a very solid tree.

That old ‘66’ Plymouth only had a lap belt so my chest hit the steering wheel with a significant force. I realized that I was hurt pretty badly so I laid over in the seat thinking that someone would come along and help me. After seeing head lights go by and not stop, I managed to get myself back upright in the seat so that at least my head would be visible from the road. The next car that came by stopped a little ahead of mine and a young man wearing a western straw hat came over to help. My door was jammed and he was unable to open it but he was able to open the back door so I climbed over the seat and was able to walk to his car.

His passenger seat was laid back all the way so I got in and just laid down. I don’t know how I directed him to my home but after seeing that I was safely at the front door, he drove away. I told my mom that I had wrecked my car and that she had better take me to the hospital. She drove me to a hospital that she felt had a good reputation but after a few tests they transferred me by ambulance to Barnes Hospital which was a teaching hospital for Washington University. I was taken directly to surgery as thoracic surgeon, Dr Charles Roper’s patient. By the time I was on the operating table in his OR, almost 5 hours has elapsed and it was another 5 hours when he and his team finished the surgery. He reported to my family that they had done all they could but if I woke up and knew my name, I might have a chance of recovery.

He later told me that I was his triumph over a life threatening injury. I had fractured my left wrist and my right clavicle but what was more ominous was that I had ruptured the arch of my aorta. What was so amazing and miraculous was that I should have immediately bled out at the accident scene but it wasn’t until surgery that I required 8 units of whole blood!

While I was in surgery, my Aunt Bonnie was in the hospital chapel praying for me when a stranger approached her to say that the person for whom she was praying would be okay. The longer I live, the more convinced I become that the tall, slender young man in the western straw hat was no ordinary human Good Samaritan but a spiritual being sent to protect me.
– Particpant Joint Coalition for Senior Citizens

May 2016

A Mother Knows
During the second World War, frequently a mother would suddenly feel and state that her son was just killed. Then in a couple of weeks later, they would get a notice from the military that her son died at about the same time she had the feeling that he had died.
– Participant at Faith Lutheran Church

Girl on the Bus
When I was 19 and in high school, I was a statistic – a teenage, unwed mother. I had twins but to make matters even more dramatic, the father of the twins was abusive to me and he was black, so I had interracial children in rural west Texas. I felt ashamed, embarrassed, overwhelmed and afraid. One night, like a scene out of a movie, in an attempt to run away from the abuse and make a new home for my family, I found myself and the babies in a bus station. I needed to get from Texas to Denver. There was a Greyhound bus late at night. I had two 6 month babies, one in each arm, a diaper bag, and 500 miles to go for safety. I was so very anxious, guilt ridden and had a racing heart! How did I let it get this bad? I was shaking, afraid and couldn’t calm my nerves by deep breathing. So much adrenaline! The pain of trying to hold back my tears in public felt like a knife sticking in my chest and hands choking my throat. I felt both fight and flight kick in. Naturally, the babies had no ability to comprehend what was going on but could completely sense and feel my fear. They would not stop crying and I could hear people on the bus complaining. “How could this woman bring two crying babies on this bus? So much for my peaceful bus ride!” The passengers couldn’t sleep and I saw eyes rolling, shaking heads, glances of pity and anger, all combined with frustration! And then out of nowhere a man dressed in army fatigues came over and asked if he could help. He sat next to me and asked if he could hold one of the crying babies. Immediately, she fell asleep on his chest. Then he took the other baby and she also immediately fell asleep. I don’t remember his name but this is what he said. “Your babies are beautiful. I am on my way to see my wife and she is black. (He was white). When we have babies, they may look like yours.” Then he left. The babies slept in the seat for the rest of the trip and I calmed down and rested peacefully till we arrived in Denver. He did all I needed in that moment in time and then was gone. This is now 25 years ago and this moment, this interaction has stayed with me. I will never forget what this small act of compassion did for me. It will last my lifetime and has carried me through. My babies are now 26 years old and wonderful young adults with promising futures.
– Participant at Community Resource Forum – St Joseph Hospital

April 2016

Sara’s Ashes
My husband and I have scattered Sara’ ashes in lots of places where we have traveled because Sara loved to travel. In Bandon Beach, Oregon she seemed to be with us on that day that we scattered her ashes. In each place, we talk to her and explain where we are. We’ve scattered her ashes in 14 states, Canada, Sweden and Ireland. It has been a healing thing for us and maybe Sara is with us on those days.
– Program Participant

An Angel Looking Over my Friend
I helped out an elderly lady who was in her late 90’s. She lived in her home but was in hospice care toward the end of her life. One day, I went to her home to check on her and although I had a key to her inside front door, the storm door was locked. I heard the TV playing very loudly and thought she could not hear the door bell or my knocking. I had a quick errand to do, so I left and returned a little later and again I could not open the locked storm door. I called her hospice nurse who was in northern Denver and she told me she would meet me at her home. When she arrived, we tried the storm door and it opened! I told the nurse that I was sure it had been locked because I had tried very hard to open it. She said, “an angel unlocked it”! We found my friend on the floor in her bedroom suffering from dehydration and apparently hallucinating. The nurse picked her up and placed her on the bed. Eloise said, “can you see the angel?” as she pointed up to the corner of the room. She may have been hallucinating but I think an angel was looking over my friend as she lay on the floor for many, many hours and she also unlocked the storm door so we could get in and help her.
– Participant at Augustana Lutheran Church

March 2016

The Cat and The Baby
My mother had 16 children. When she was in labor with one of them (I don’t know which one), my father went to get the midwife. We lived on a farm away from other people in Fort Morgan, CO in the 1920s. While my father was gone, my mother delivered the baby by herself. She thought the baby girl was dead, so she wrapped her in a blanket and laid her in the crib. Then my mother heard a sound at the door. When she opened the door, a cat came into the house and went to the crib and laid down by the baby. My father never did find the midwife and so he returned late that night. Everyone went to bed. In the morning, my mother found that the baby was breathing and the cat had died. My mother and father believed it was a miracle and buried the cat in the back yard. They put a twig in the shape of a cross over the burial site.
– Angel Program at Thornton Senior Center

Ski Run Tribute
I had a friend who passed away on January 13, 2008. He was suffering from colon cancer and was deteriorating quickly. His name was Greg and we were good friends and enjoyed skiing together. We had a very gregarious relationship and liked to tease each other and have fun. On the day that Greg passed away, I had decided to go skiing with other friends and while skiing, I got the call that Greg had passed away. I was on a chairlift when I got the call and decided to dedicate my next run to Greg and hike alone into the back country for a run by myself. I was emotional, crying and while on the ski run my binding for my snowboard actually snapped apart. I had never seen or experienced anything like that and I knew in a moment it was Greg’s work teasing me while on that run. I stopped and cursed him because I realized the danger of being in the back country and needing to walk out which could take hours and might get me home past dark. As it turned out, all of a sudden, I was given an idea to salvage the binding allowing me to continue on my run. I believe he both broke my binding that day and also lead me home safely. It was a great finish to honor a great friend and I look forward to seeing him again.

Red Cardinal Communicating
A church member named Steve had passed away unexpectedly from a sudden heart attack about a week before a particular Sunday service two years ago. Steve was in his mid 60s and was longtime considered the “backbone” and leader of this small church. He was president of the board of trustees, a teacher of many classes there and involved with every aspect of the life of the church. He was very loved and respected by the congregation, so we were all shocked and grief stricken at his sudden passing. Well, on this Sunday, during the service, everyone’s attention was drawn to a bird – a red Cardinal – that was pecking at the window as if he was trying to get in. This went on for several minutes. This Unity church has a huge and complete wall of glass windows that are very tall and very wide which allows for a beautiful view of a wooded area. The bird tried several locations to bang on the glass and it definitely seemed he was trying to get in. After the service finished, we all talked about that bird’s very weird behavior and we agreed that it seemed as though Steve was giving us a message that he wanted to be inside the church with us, and he probably hadn’t been ready to “make his transition” yet. Or maybe his message was simply to let us know that he had reached the “other side”, the next plane of existence. It wasn’t just me who interpreted it that way, but others as well. Also that red Cardinal had never been seen before that Sunday or after that Sunday, nor has any other bird tried to bang the window like that since.
– Applewood Valley United Methodist Church

February 2016

Cell Phone Message from Bob
This is a story about my husband, Bob. He died of acute leukemia on May 30, 2012. Since that is such a deadly disease, it wasn’t a shock, yet we assumed that he would be able to fight it much longer than the 3 ½ months from diagnosis until his passing. A few days after he died at MD Anderson hospital in Houston, TX, I was back at home in Panama City Florida when I checked my cell phone to see if there were in voice messages. I was shocked to get the Greeting message that Bob had put on his cell phone. It was a simple message and exactly like the one I had heard many times when calling his cell phone. It went like this: “this is Bob, leave a message”. I had, of course, heard that message many times over the years and that was his voice. The weird, confounding and “SPOOKY” thing is that there is no way that HIS greeting message could have gotten on MY cell phone. I told several people about this and they all agreed that just could not NOT have happened. Let me also be clear that although I was in possession of his cell phone, (naturally I took his wallet and phone home with me from the hospital) I am sure that I was NOT checking His cell phone for any message coming in for him. I was definitely checking my phone for messages. I had of course created my own greeting message on my cell phone.
– Angel Program at Applewood Methodist

Traveling Mercies
When I was in my early twenties, I was offered a new job in Denver, Colorado. I had never been there but I loaded up my old Buick to the top and headed west from Dallas. I was about 15 miles from Amarillo, TX in some very flat and empty country when I had a flat tire. I had a spare tire but it was about 7PM and dark and I had a full trunk of all my possessions covering the spare tire. I needed help. I said a little prayer and heard a dog bark across the 4 lanes of Interstate 40. I carefully crossed the highway and came into a small housing development. Just at that moment, a car pulled into the driveway. I flagged them down and asked if I could use a phone to call for a tow for my car with a flat tire. The middle aged couple were very friendly and helpful and told me in their Texas twang that there was no way I was going to get help at that time of the night in their small town but they would be happy to help.

They put me in their car and off we went to empty the trunk and change the tire. I noticed a Bible in the back seat, and was immediately comforted to know that they believed in the same God I do and their generosity was coming from the right place. I helped empty the trunk and then sat in the car with the wife while the man changed the tire. He told me the spare was not meant to go very far and I would need to get new tires in the morning. Even getting to the nearest hotel would be difficult so this lovely couple put me up for the night and suggested I call my Mom to let her know where I was. They fed me dinner and gave me an evening of friendship and great company. The next morning, the husband followed me into Amarillo and into the tire shop just to make sure I got a good deal on my new tires. Not until he knew I was well cared for did he leave. I thanked him profusely and was off to Denver.

Once I arrived in Denver, I had to move into a new apartment, start a new job and get acclimated to my new hometown so it took me about 3 months to send a thank you note to this lovely couple. Imagine my surprise and confusion when the card came back as “ address unknown”! To this day, I am not sure if this couple who had lived there forever just up and moved, or was I actually protected and entertained by angels.
– Angel Program at Synergy Home Care

January 2016

A Visit from My Husband
My husband passed away 30 years ago. After 20 years had passed, I was feeling safe and comfortable when one night he came to my bedroom door and called me to give him his medicine for pain. After he left, I turned around and went back sleep.
– Villas at Sunny Acres

A Younger and Happy Husband
After my husband passed away on September 6, 2014, I woke up one morning and he was standing at the door of our apartment looking younger and so happy. Later I was in my recliner sleeping and something woke me up rubbing my feet just as he had done so often, but there was no one I could see.
– Villas at Sunny Acres