2015 Angels Stories

I have designed the Angels Everywhere Program as a result of many people telling me their experiences of “little miracles” in their lives.

Angel Stories from 2015

December 2015

Mom Came to Get My Dad
After my mother passed suddenly she appeared to my father. She thumped him on his head while he was smoking in the house. My mother never allowed him to smoke in the house but after she passed, he had taken up doing just that! She came a second time and snatched the newspaper out of his hand and then flipped it across the room. The last visit I had with my Dad in a nursing rehab facility, he kept telling me that my mother was out in the parking lot and to go get her. Then he said she was driving by waving at him to come get in the car and go with him. He couldn’t understand why she would buy a car without him and that it was an older car – a Pontiac. He had a seizure that night that he didn’t come out of and passed away 8 days later on their anniversary.
– Participant at Heartlight Center

An Angel Carried Her
My niece was involved in an auto accident about 12 years ago early in the morning on her way to Pueblo. She fell asleep at the wheel and her car flipped. She was thrown from the car. There was another car following behind her that witnessed the accident in horror. Their 3 year old little girl yelled out very excited saying “Mommy, Mommy – look at the angel carrying that woman”. Later, they went to the hospital to see how my niece was doing and then told her about their little girl seeing the angel carrying her.
– Participant at Little Sisters of the Poor

November 2015

Voice of My Father
My Father died in 1997 of Parkinson’s. A year after he died, I called my Mother and got her answering machine. At the end of the recording I heard my father’s voice said, “I love you, I love you, I love you”. My husband called and also heard it, as did my Father’s neighbors. They all heard it. When we tried to record it, my Father’s voice had disappeared.
– Participant at Wheat Ridge Active Adult Center

Prayers Answered
While in a Cairo museum, I tripped and started falling down some stairs. There was a man at the bottom of the stairs that saw me falling. He started praying that the angels would come and stop my fall. His prayers were answered as I did not fall.
– Participant at Wheat Ridge Active Adult Center

Not Time To Go Yet
When my Mother was close to death she said an angel told her she was not ready yet. Mother said there was a smell of flowers as she became aware of her family. She came back to us then and told us it was time to come back and be with us.
– Participant at a Senior Luncheon

October 2015

Do Not Cut Off The Pony Tail
Our family was out camping one holiday. We were at a lake enjoying ourselves when I noticed my beautiful daughter going down in the lake. I didn’t know how to swim but I jumped in and grabbed her by her pony tail and got her out. The thing was that we were going to cut her pony tail off but my angel had guided me not to.
– Resident at Crossroads Senior Living

A Grandson to take Granny home
Our son, Tom was killed in a plane crash in 1991. His 93 year old Granny was frail and sickly and it was decided not to put anymore grief on her so she was not told of Tom passing. Later when she was on her death bed, she asked my niece, who was her caregiver, who was that young man in the corner of her room? My niece answered that no one was in the corner. Then Granny raised up in bed, looked again and got this big smile on her face. She then said “Tommy, what are your doing over there?” We are convinced Tom had come to take her to the Other Side.
– Wheat Ridge Active Adult Center Participant

Saved During a Car Accident
At a traffic light I was looking out the window when I was rear-ended by a car going 35 mph. I felt a being was pulling me down to the other side of the car. I would have been killed if not for this help because my car was completely smashed up.
– Clear Creek Church Participant

September 2015

God Saved Me
I was working at a large assisted living facility in Boulder. I worked nights and one morning at 6 AM, I was leaving and heading back to Denver on Highway 93. I saw a semi truck bearing down the hill in my lane. I had nowhere to go so thought I would die. All of a sudden, my car was picked up and then put back on the road. I went home, called my work and quit. Instantly, I got a new job with Home Instead. God saved me.
– Home Instead Caregiver

Angel Fixed My Flat Tire
I was driving to Ft Collins when I had a flat tire. There was no traffic on the street when suddenly a car driving in the other direction turned around and a woman stopped to help. She wouldn’t let me help her change or lift the tire. I turned around after the tire was fixed and she and her car were gone. I know they did not drive past me. It was a divided road. It turns out I was pregnant with my first baby and did not know it yet.
– St Joan of Arc Parishioner

Okay to Remarry
My first husband was diagnosed with Leukemia and lived three years with it, but became seriously ill without warning. We had never discussed his thoughts on my remarrying in the future if he passed away. He died within three days of becoming very sick. The day before his funeral, I woke up in the morning and noticed my wedding rings had been moved from my left ring finger and were put on my other hand. I believe this was my angel letting me know it was fine for me to remarry and that my husband was okay with it.
– St Joan of Arc Parishioner

August 2015

Children Already Know God and Angels
In February 2015, I was driving my 4 year old granddaughter to school and out of nowhere she says to me “When do I get to see God again?” I was stunned so I asked her to repeat what she said and she asked once again! I told her that “she probably won’t see Him for a long time, it won’t be until you go back to heaven.” Her reply was, “I liked it in heaven, before I came to Mom and Dad and you and Pop Pop. The angels used to feed me and play with me!”
– Wheat Ridge Angels Everywhere Program Participant

Healed By Jesus and His Angel
After the birth of my son in 1981, I was bleeding badly and the doctors said I was dying. It felt like I was leaving my body. Jesus and His angel appeared to me, touched me and I was healed. He then spoke to me and said I was going to be okay.
– Home Instead Caregiver

My daughter was in an auto accident in 1994 on her graduation day. She was traveling north on I-75 on a Friday afternoon during rush hour when she was involved in a horrible accident that involved her car and another car. Both girls in the car only had concussions because my daughter said an angel guided her from the car and saved her life. As her Mother, I had a premonition of the accident seven days before. I knew my daughter was going to be in an accident but I did not know when or what her outcome would be.
– Angels Everywhere Program Participant

July 2015

Was This The Voice Of An Angel??
About ten years ago I was pretty much into drinking and drugs. I bought a little trailer and was trying to stop my bad habits with God’s help. I was parked at a motel one night and a “voice” told me to go across the street and rob the convenience store. I went there, covered my hand over my face, and asked the clerk to hand me some of the money. The clerk told the police later that he recognized me as a regular customer so he handed me $200, thinking I was just joking. I grabbed the money and ran across the street. I fell down on my left shoulder but did not drop the money. The drug dealer came to my door and I bought $200 worth of crack. The next day I was arrested by the police. The judge told me I would have 25 years in prison unless I accepted ten years right then. That was the custom in Florida then. I took the ten years. While in prison, I was exposed to many other religions so I studied them. While in prison, I was converted to Catholicism. After 8 1/2 years I was released for good behavior. When I returned to Denver I attended Sister Georgeann’s “Angels Everywhere” program at Senior Support Services. I have to wonder, could that voice have been the voice of an angel? At least that is what I thought because what I learned in prison changed my life. I have not had a drink or drug since I was arrested that day.
– Senior Support Services Participant

Preparation For Heaven
At 17, my son who was a strong Christian, stopped me as he was washing his face and said, “Mom, you hurt when Bill left home. You hurt more when Douglas left home because half of us were gone. You hurt again when John left home and you will hurt even more when I leave home.” I felt great urgency in his voice as he said, “Mom, you must start preparing RIGHT NOW, RIGHT NOW!” A few days later, he died in a motorcycle accident. I think he did not consciously know, but I felt strongly that heaven was in some small way preparing us both for this fatal accident.
– Covenant Village

A Voice Calmed Me
At 13 years old, I was in a car accident where the car flipped over and crushed my hand. While trying to free myself, a Voice said, “Don’t move, be still”. My arm was stuck between glass and the car almost severing arteries. Because of the voice, I calmed down and waited for the Paramedics to help me.
– Angels Everywhere Program Participant

June 2015

Angel Drives a Car
In August, 1998, I was driving west across Kansas, on Hwy. 96, at around 2:00 a.m. I was approximately 20 miles east of Scott City. I was very tired, so I stopped by the side of the road, took a drink of warm water from my thermos, and washed my face. It was almost 90 degrees outside. I had been driving about eight hours. I worked as an environmental engineer, so I often drove for long hours. I would work during the day then drive at night. The next thing I knew my right tire was bumping along on gravel at the edge of the highway. I realized I had been asleep. Just across the highway was a sign for a restaurant four miles back, east of me, in Leoti, Kansas. I was startled! I had driven through Scott City, 20 miles to Leoti, then four miles when my tire hit the gravel. I had been asleep all that time, with no recollection of seeing or driving through either small town! It had to be my Guardian Angel driving my car.
– Story from Friend of the Angel Program, Colorado

Man’s Best Friend
On December 14th, 2010 my husband Barney was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer  which had metastasized to his back. Six months later, on June 14th, 2011 he lost his battle with this ugly, painful disease. The last nine days of his life were spent in hospice, as day after day, he was more and more consumed with pain. I prayed for God to take him home to end this awful pain. Still he hung on. I asked myself “Why?”  While I was sitting by his bedside one day, I read some leaflets. One had an article about how the patient will wait until they see certain loved ones before they are able to leave. I told Barney I would bring Quinn, one of our two Greyhounds, in to see him. The next afternoon Quinn put her paws on his bed,  laid her head on his hand, and gave him a kiss on his cheek. Two hours later he passed.
– Story from Friend of the Angel Program, Colorado

May 2015

A Mother’s Intuition
“When I was seven, I was playing ‘Lava Monster’ with my friends. There was a rope tied onto the monkey bars. The rope got tangled and formed a “noose” which somehow managed to choke me. My mother, who was in the house, suddenly heard something tell her to go outside. By the time she saw me I was blue in the face. She quickly got me loose. Thankfully, I was all right.”
– Angel Program at Spirit of Christ Church

A Prayer Answered
“When I was around seven or eight, I was very curious about God and all the different religious denominations. I would beg my parents to take me to different churches so I could experience each one. I was always very “God conscious’ and would pray, asking God to appear to me so then I would know for sure if God was real. One morning when I woke up I felt, rather than heard, a voice telling me not to turn around. I obeyed, not from fear, but from love. I felt this indescribable feeling of love, warmth, and comfort. I knew there was the most beautiful yellowish light behind me emanating from this presence. I again felt, rather than heard, a voice telling me to trust and that everything would be all right. I am forever grateful and blessed to have been given this gift from God.”
– Angel Program Participant

 April 2015

Warning Words from Mother
“My mother had passed years before I was engaged to marry a man who had three children. While I was in the shower one morning, I clearly heard my mother’s voice say in Spanish, ‘Do not marry that man! He will make you suffer.’ I heard her voice in my head three times. As time passed the truth came out about this man. I found out that he had been cheating on me while we were engaged, so of course, we never married.”
– Angel Program at Wheat Ridge Active Adult Center

Near Death Experience
“I was in a near fatal car accident in which I broke my back, hips, ribs and knees. I lost 55% of my liver, gallbladder, and spleen. I was unconscious for three months. During this time, I had a near death experience in which I rose up out of my body and I saw a white light. All my pain was gone. I was told I couldn’t stay because my work here was not done. Then I felt myself going back to my body and I could feel the pain again. This experience changed my life and I am now a Stephen minister, giving comfort to people who are near death, telling them there is nothing to fear.”
– Angel Program at Wheat Ridge Active Adult Center

March 2015

The Two Hundred Dollar Angel

“My father was involved in a threatening situation and needed $200 to change the locks at his home. He told me this just before I was on my way to daily Mass. After Mass, an elderly gentleman approached me and said I looked stressed. He said he would pray for me. He then reached out to shake my hand, and to my surprise there was $200 in it!”
– Angel Program at Little Sisters of the Poor

Hearing the Impossible
“When I had open heart surgery, the nurse noticed I was not doing well. She tried to give me a shot, but she couldn’t get the needle into my arm. A doctor came over to my bed, asking the nurse to give him the syringe. I could hear on the monitor that I was flat lining, and I also heard the doctor swear at the nurse. When I told the doctor the next day that I heard him swear he said ‘You couldn’t have heard me, you were dead, and flat lining.’ But I did hear it.”
– Angel Program at The Retreat At Church Ranch

February 2015

Afterlife Decision
“On April 6, 1964 I was pronounced dead in the hospital. I was on a gurney which was in a hallway, and I saw a bright light. A voice said ‘you have a choice to come with me or stay. This is the only time I will ask.’ The whole experience was so peaceful, and serene it was very tempting to go with this ‘voice.’ After some time had passed, of which I have no idea how long that was, I decided to stay.”
– Angel Program at Thornton Senior Center

Cried Out To God
“The fire department asked us to remove some exit signs from the building where my business is located. As the owner, I decided to get on a scaffold to see if I could disconnect the sign myself. Instead, I fell twelve feet breaking my arm, pelvis and tailbone and was bleeding. I couldn’t move myself to the exit door some feet away. I cried out to God, and the next thing I knew, I was at the door, and able to push it open, allowing people to come to my rescue.”
– Angel Program at Thornton Senior Center

January 2015

Spared From Fire
“I was a drug addict for twenty three and a half years. My preferences were heroin, pills, and cocaine, but I would take anything if it got me ‘high.’ One night when I was high, I was sitting on the side of my bed with a lit cigarette and fell asleep. When I woke up the next day my mattress had burned all around me except for the spot where I had been laying. I was stuck to the burned mattress and my elbows were stuck to the robe I was wearing. God did not let me burn. He allowed me to live. I call it my Shadrack, Meshack and DeBindago experience. God said, ‘just like I allowed the Pharaoh, and his army to go through the Red Sea and die, I allowed you to live.”
– Angel Program at Earth Links

Miraculous Survival
“At the age of 17, I was diagnosed with Lemierres Syndrome which has a forty five percent mortality rate. I had a blood clot in my jugular vein that had burst into my lungs causing both lungs to collapse and kidney failure. In ICU, I remember hearing my godfather’s voice in my dreams telling me to enjoy my life, live it to the fullest because life was too short. I was moved from the ICU one week after having those dreams, and I was taken off the respirator two days after that. I was in the hospital a total of six weeks, and walked out alive despite the doctors telling me it would take a miracle to survive.”
– Angel Program at Caley Ridge