Angel Stories

I have designed the Angels Everywhere Program as a result of many people telling me their experiences of “little miracles” in their lives.

Below are some of the stories that participants have shared since the second book was published.

Angel Stories

Many Angels Involved That Day
My 19yr old granddaughter was riding with a friend in-route from Burbank CA to San Jose when the driver lost control at 65 MPH. They flew over 3 lanes of traffic and over a 75ft incline and then doing a nose dive on the right front end of the car. Two men immediately appeared, climbed down and saw gasoline dripping. They risked their lives to get Annie out of the car. The entire front end caved in on her but they got her out of the back window, up the embankment and then into “flight for life” which took her to the trauma center in San Jose. The car exploded and burned. When we checked the wreckage, only 2 things were saved: a small bible in the trunk and a small slip of paper that had “Angel” written on it which came from the CA Highway Map of Los Angeles. We believe many angels were involved that day. Annie is well today and works with animals at a CA zoo.
– Participant at Gardens at Columbine

Mine Field Cleared
At the beginning of the Desert Storm War, there were mine fields in front of all the Army going into Kuwait. Then a wind storm came up and uncovered all the land mines so the Army could go forth.
– Participant at Village at Belmar

Hug For An Angel
While walking to my car after work in downtown Denver, I saw a grungy man looking through a dumpster. I tried to avoid him, hoping he wouldn’t see me and ask for money. Suddenly, he fell out of the dumpster and hurried over to me. He said, “You must really think I’m disgusting!” Since I knew nothing about him, I told him I didn’t think he was disgusting. He started to ask me twice if I had any … Before he could finish his sentence, I interrupted him both times and said I had no money. He said he knew and then asked me if I had any love. I was kind of scared but I gave him a quick hug and a big smile appeared on his face. I left and worried all the way home about “cooties” but I was also filled with the most unexplainable joy that lasted for weeks. He must have been an angel and I had tried to avoid him. I never saw him again but the memory still brings me joy.
– Participant at Highland West Community Angel Program

Mule Led Them to Safety
This story come from my great uncles from the late 1920’s. I remember as a child listening to them tell of their lives as immigrants and working in coal mines. As younger men, the brothers were working a small coal mine of their own. Back then, the miners used mules in the mines to pull the filled ore carts out of the mineshaft. One day these men found themselves in the mine when their light went out. Not being able to see, they began searching their way out of the pitch black by holding their hands on the walls. However, with the many twists, turns and multiple off shoots of shaft, it was a difficult and dangerous task. They could be lost or errantly step into vertical drops that they could not see. After a few steps, one of them found his hand on an animal’s fur. This was quite a surprise as they had tied the mule up outside the mine and knew that no mule had been there with them before the light went out. Both men reached out and took hold of the mule’s tail. The mule then started walking, leading the way. After a bit, the men could see the light at the entrance of the shaft. It was then the mule took a few steps away and right there in front of them, he simply disappeared under a rock. Confused and stunned, the men thought the mule had fallen into a shaft they didn’t see. They inched up to the rock and not seeing any hole, they moved the rock. There was nothing below but solid rock. They finally made it out of the mine and quickly saw their mule was still tied where they had left it. They realized God had sent them that mule to lead them safely out of the mine. It strikes me to this day, that both men had been present and witnessed the exact same miracle.
– Participant at Denver Serra Club Angel Program

Coal Miner Saved
This story comes from my great uncles from the late 1920’s. I remember as a child listening to them tell of their lives as immigrants and working in coal mines. As younger men, the brothers were working a small coal mine of their own. One evening about normal quitting time, two of them were ready to head out of the mine but the third brother told them he was going to stay and work a little longer. The two gathered up their tools and headed out. After a brief while, the brother that had remained, could hear someone walking up behind him. Thinking it was one of the others come back for him, he turned to see. Suddenly, he saw 2 white boots walking directly at him. Startled and spooked, he sprung up and ran in fear for the mouth of the mine. The two brothers that had gone ahead, recall hearing their brother running and turned to look back inside. As they stood there, they watched as the other brother came running out and within seconds of reaching safety, the mineshaft collapsed. I heard this story time and time again. Each time they recounted that day, each proclaimed the story exactly the same each time. These hard working men held to their death that God had sent an Angel to get him out of that mine before being buried alive.
– Participant at Denver Serra Club Angel Program